Our Story

“The things you are passionate about are not random. They are your calling”.
 – Fabienne Fredrickson


Meet-ups, earl grey tea, and passion for real change led us here. After numerous discussions we realized that we shared the same interests and passions. Our conversations quickly morphed into how we could make the world better and enable real change.

The change in focus gave us the opportunity to change the name of the company to NeuVisium -- a name that reflects our new vision that is grounded in passion and a new direction.


Domestic or International Markets?


Domestic or International Markets?

In talking with executives from small to mid-size companies who are building their go to market (GTM) strategies the most common question they ask me is how to spend their marketing dollars here in the US to build brand awareness and sales revenues. After all, the US represents one of the biggest single markets, is the most accessible and most of them are familiar with the market.

Not surprisingly, my answer is not so fast – let’s sit down, evaluate the entire landscape and build a strategic plan that leverages international markets to build brand and revenues– especially when cash is limited. Yes you guessed what’s coming next – words like costs, lack of familiarity, localization, customs, logistics become common fare.

Now the fun begins – and the facts;

  • While the US represents the biggest single market and is the most accessible “the same applies to all your competitors”.
  • Though social media may be great to create brand awareness, the actual costs to convert leads to paying customers is considerable more here in the US.
  • For some markets like medical, mobile the regulatory and market hurdles may be easier to overcome outside the US.

There are smaller markets out there which may be a great fit for launching new products / technology. Best of all these markets may be easier to access to gauge product acceptance, and in some cases can lead to faster revenue streams.

There are numerous success stories, and recently at Alara we were able to build an international presence with 6 distributors selling in 25+ countries with a staff of three (3) and minimal marketing and PR budget – a fraction of what it would have cost to build a similar presence and revenue stream locally. Best of all it was done in record time.

An open mind, sound strategy, honest evaluation of your technology and markets, marketing and support budgets are all keys for successful execution of this strategy. A good partner to help lead these initiatives may be invaluable.

Kuldip Ahluwalia

A serial entrepreneur at heart, Kuldip’s go-getter attitude led him to launch several startups to success. His deep expertise in technology, and marketing helped Fortune 100 companies (like GE and Toshiba) become industry leaders. His ability to bridge people, technology, and markets allowed startups like Lumisys and Alara become global players. He has developed symbiotic relationships and built a strategy based on “why” rather than the traditional “what and how”. Kuldip fuels his passion and love for teams by serving as mentor, advisor, and board member for startups and mobilizing teams to work towards a common vision. He holds a MSc. In Medical / Applied Physics from UC Berkeley and a BSc. in Health & Environmental Physics from Salford University (UK). Kuldip is an alum of the GE Management Program.