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“The things you are passionate about are not random. They are your calling”.
 – Fabienne Fredrickson


Meet-ups, earl grey tea, and passion for real change led us here. After numerous discussions we realized that we shared the same interests and passions. Our conversations quickly morphed into how we could make the world better and enable real change.

The change in focus gave us the opportunity to change the name of the company to NeuVisium -- a name that reflects our new vision that is grounded in passion and a new direction.

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Brand Awareness Versus Sales

Marketing campaign may not result in customers

Brand Awareness Versus Sales

Not long ago I was sitting at the café in Vienna Center in Vienna, Austria talking with someone whose company had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on an online marketing campaign and strategy. He was lamenting on the fact that despite the financial commitment they were not seeing an increase in sales as projected by their marketing partner.

They had done everything right; had the right products, competitive pricing and great on line awareness – but nothing to show for in revenues. After talking with him for a while I asked him a simple question – how do you move your customers from brand awareness to purchase decisions? You guessed his answer – a long silence followed by “I thought that the marketing campaign was supposed to take care of ____”.

As he started to appreciate, customer purchase decisions are not just based on brand awareness but on a lot of different factors. Most marketing campaigns do one thing – create brand awareness, and many companies are rediscovering the value of Social Selling or one on one interactions to augment their online marketing campaigns and are now incorporating them as part of their marketing strategies.

Social Selling and one on one interactions can bridge the gap by providing;

  • Positive and measurable interactions in real time.
  • Insights on how to move customers from brand awareness to purchase.
  • Information on micro-influencers who might impact purchase decisions.
  • Awareness to situational factors that can derail media based recommendations.

By planning ahead one can integrate the benefits of both marketing styles and launch custom campaigns to reap the benefits of different strategies to create brand awareness that leads to customer purchase decisions.

At NeuVisium we believe that not all companies are the same and building a customized sales and marketing campaign strategy is essential for market success and part of our implementation practice.

Kuldip Ahluwalia

A serial entrepreneur at heart, Kuldip’s go-getter attitude led him to launch several startups to success. His deep expertise in technology, and marketing helped Fortune 100 companies (like GE and Toshiba) become industry leaders. His ability to bridge people, technology, and markets allowed startups like Lumisys and Alara become global players. He has developed symbiotic relationships and built a strategy based on “why” rather than the traditional “what and how”. Kuldip fuels his passion and love for teams by serving as mentor, advisor, and board member for startups and mobilizing teams to work towards a common vision. He holds a MSc. In Medical / Applied Physics from UC Berkeley and a BSc. in Health & Environmental Physics from Salford University (UK). Kuldip is an alum of the GE Management Program.