Our Story

“The things you are passionate about are not random. They are your calling”.
 – Fabienne Fredrickson


Meet-ups, earl grey tea, and passion for real change led us here. After numerous discussions we realized that we shared the same interests and passions. Our conversations quickly morphed into how we could make the world better and enable real change.

The change in focus gave us the opportunity to change the name of the company to NeuVisium -- a name that reflects our new vision that is grounded in passion and a new direction.

Welcome to Our Site


At LC, we solve real life problems with solutions that you are passionate about. We incorporate innovation and development as part of the design process to generate ideas for breakthrough products or projects that can impact the lives of others.


Leveraging ideas, imagination and initiatives to deliver revolutionary products and services is what we do best. Design thinking and process permeates through our DNA. We look for synergistic alliances to create new market opportunities.

Marketing/Business Development

Discovering the right product market fit, implementing a digital marketing strategy and increasing brand awareness comes naturally to us. With extensive market knowledge, we can put partnerships in place and develop your networks.


At LC we have the track record to help launch your ideas, develop new market opportunities and build a roadmap for success. Using Six Sigma and lean startup methodology we provide the competitive advantage needed in today’s marketplace.


Sales and revenues is the engine that sustains any organization. LC excels at building revenue and partnerships to deliver products and services efficiently. Our customer centric methodology can help scale your revenues exponentially.

Capital Acquisition

Raising capital in today’s market is as much art as science. We understand the steps needed to attract the right investors at every stage of your company’s growth. With access to investors and VC’s we can put together a winning funding strategy.

Who We Work With

We love working with companies of all sizes from start-ups to multinationals. Our work spans several industries and market segments, a few of which are highlighted below.

About Us

We know what you’re thinking: More consultants. Nope. We’re partners and friends. We channel our passion of working with people to innovate and bring technologies to life.