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“The things you are passionate about are not random. They are your calling”.
 – Fabienne Fredrickson


Meet-ups, earl grey tea, and passion for real change led us here. After numerous discussions we realized that we shared the same interests and passions. Our conversations quickly morphed into how we could make the world better and enable real change.

The change in focus gave us the opportunity to change the name of the company to NeuVisium -- a name that reflects our new vision that is grounded in passion and a new direction.

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Step Communications, Cupertino, CA

LaunchCommandOur ClientsStep Communications, Cupertino, CA

Step Communications, Cupertino, CA

Category : Technology Licensing , M&A
Markets: Industrial, software

Step Communications had a portfolio of patents in noise cancellation technologies and had explored developing products like blue tooth headsets etc. but found that the market was very crowded and required a big investment in marketing and sales to enter the market. NeuVisium (previously LaunchCommand) was brought in to identify potential licensees for the Intellectual Property of the company.

Together we developed a comprehensive strategy to develop niche markets that would allow Step Communications to validate the efficacy of their technology and get rapid influx of cash into the company. We targeted the automotive industry as the market for voice activated controls was just emerging, and the solutions being provided by market leaders like Cadillac and Acura left a lot to be desired.

NeuVisium put together a strategy and game plan to get the attention of GM and their partners. We embedded our technology in GM’s Flagship Cadillac XLR convertible and scheduled a show and tell for GM and their tier one suppliers in Detroit to showcase the superiority of our technology solution when compared to what was being offered on the car.

The presentation and value proposition was so compelling that Step Communications got the attention of one of GM’s Tier 1 supplier Johnston Controls and received a technology license agreement and NRE funding to develop a prototype. This led to a long term licensing agreement and helped Step Communications get recognized as a market innovator. Step Communications was eventually acquired by Dolby.